Split wide open

Unremarkably, a couple died of a drug overdose near Pittsburgh in October. Because of the circumstances, you should probably read the story before we proceed.

The more I think about it, the more my heart breaks. I’m a student teacher in a 2nd grade classroom, so my kids are the same age. With her parents out of commission (dead this time) this girl got herself dressed, probably fed herself, and then got to the school bus stop on time and got to school on time. I don’t think that was beginners luck, I think she’s had some practice. And there were three other children in the house, two of them younger than her.

And as you read, the police were called for an overdose on the same block within the same day.

This isn’t an epidemic, this is a full-blown disaster, and it needs to be treated like Ebola with appropriate resources and attention.

Now excuse me while I dry my eyes and go hug some kids for no other reason than they’re young and beautiful and not suffering though something like this, but someone their age just did and I’m sure there are a lot more like them.

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