Teaching, Learning

I’m currently a student teacher, and will earn an elementary school teacher certification by winter break. I’m married to a teacher. My wife and I live on a foreign school campus with a lot of other teachers. Even after I have my teaching certification, I won’t stop being a student, I will never stop learning how to be a better teacher, just as nearly every single teacher I know, even the 30-year veterans at all of the schools I’ve been to haven’t stopped learning to be better teachers. I don’t say that because it sounds good, I say that because if you’re not learning, actively learning how to be a better teacher, then you won’t survive, the job will eat you alive, head first.

I’m sure we all know teachers who have calcified and have been teaching the same way for years, but in my experience, that’s such a tiny minority of teachers that they stand out because they are exceptionally rare. It is hard work. Love isn’t enough. Talent will only get you so far. Everyday, you’re dealing with human beings who have are wildly different from each other and from you. They’re wildly different from year to year. They have moods, they have issues, and so do you.

Be gentle, be flexible, work hard, take a breath, and dive back into the work again and again.

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